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Saving a File WINDOWS 8



After you have entered some content in a document, it’s a

good idea to save the file on a regular basis so that you don’t

lose your work. You can save a document file to your computer

hard disk or to external storage such as a USB flash drive or

DVD. When saving for the first time, you can give the file a

name and choose a format to save it to; the application’s native

format is the default. You can also save a copy of the file with a

different name or in another location to create a backup copy

in case the original is damaged.


Save a File

1 With a new WordPad document

open, click File.

2 Click Save.


Saving a File WINDOWS 8


3 Click to select a library or folder to

which to save the document.

4 Enter a document name.

5 Select a different document format, if


6 Click Save.


If you want to save a copy of a file you’ve previously

saved, in step 2 you would click Save As,

choose a location to save the file to, give it a

new name if you like, and save it. You can’t save

two files with the same name in the same location;

you have to either overwrite the original

file or rename one of the files.


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