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Back in the day of mechanical drives, it all seemed so easy: SATA 150 to SATA 300 to SATA 600. It just made sense that SATA 1200 would come along, too, just as we predicted. Wrong. The incredible speed of SSDs ensures that SATA 1200 will be thrown overboard in favor of SATA Express. ULTRABOOKS We love, just love, ultra-light, ultra-powerful, and ultra-thin notebooks, but the public appar - ently doesn't. In our 2012 Tech Preview, we cheer - fully reported Intel's belief that 40 percent of all consumer notebooks sold in 2012 would be of the Ultrabook variety. Instead. Ultrabooks have been ultra-slow to move, thanks to a dismal economy and the proliferation of tablets. Color us skeptical when Intel predicts that Ultrabooks will grow 300 percent and sell 95 million a year by 2016.


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