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Running Disk Cleanup WINDOWS 8



When you save data and apps to your hard disk or view ordownload temporary Internet files, those bits of data can bestored at various locations across your hard disk. Over time, theout-of-date bits of data can cause your computer performanceto slow down. Disk Cleanup allows you to erase stray bits ofdata and consolidate your hard disk to improve your computer’sperformance.


Run Disk Cleanup1 On the Start screen, begin to typeControl Panel.2 Click the Control Panel app in theresults.3 Click System And Security.


Running Disk Cleanup WINDOWS 8


4 Click Free Up Disk Space.5 Click the drop-down arrow on theDrives field, and select the drives toclean up.6 Click OK.


Running Disk Cleanup WINDOWS 8


7 Clear any check boxes for items thatyou don’t want deleted.8 Click OK.9 Click Delete Files.

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