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Right-Clicking to Display Tools WINDOWS 8



Right-clicking has traditionally been a way to display commandmenus that are contextually relevant to where you click. Forexample, if you right-click selected text in a Word document,you can see commands such as Cut and Copy. In Windows 8,right-clicking can also display tools on the Start screen to helpyou find apps or apply settings to individual app tiles. Whenyou access Internet Explorer 10 from the Start screen, rightclickingis one way to display the Address bar.


Right-Clicking to Display Tools WINDOWS 8

Use Right-Click1 From the Start screen, right-click a tileto display a set of tools.2 Right-click the tile again to deselect it.3 Right-click the Start screenbackground.4 Click the All Apps button to displaythe Search feature.5 Click Internet Explorer in the searchresults.

Click Internet Explorer in the search results WINDOWS 8

6 Right-click the page to display theaddress bar.

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