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Resuming a draft message HTC One V

1. On the All messages screen, tapResuming a draft message HTC One V

2. Tap the message and then resume editing it.

3. Tap Send.

Checking your messages

Depending on your notification settings, HTC One V plays a sound, vibrates, or displays the message briefly in the status bar when you receive a new message. A new message iconResuming a draft message HTC One V

To open and read the message, you can:

■ Open the Notifications panel, and then tap the new message notification.

■ Go to the Messages app and open the message.

Viewing and saving an attachment from a multimedia message HTC One V

■ If there's a media attachment such as a photo or video in a received message, tap it to view the content.

■ To save the attachment, tap the multimedia message, and then choose to save from the options menu.

■ If the attachment is a contact (vCard), tap it to view the contact information, then tap Save to add to your contacts.

■ If the attachment is an appointment or event (vCalendar), tap it to choose the calendar where to save it, and then tap Import.

If you are concerned about the size of your data downloads, you can choose to check the size and subject first before you download a multimedia message. On the All messages screen, tapResuming a draft message HTC One V


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