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Restarting Your Computer WINDOWS 8



Sometimes you will need to restart your computer, eitherbecause it crashes (stops working) and you want to get it workingagain or because you’ve made a change that requiresrestarting, such as uninstalling a program or downloadingupdates. Windows 8 provides a Power button in the Settingscharm panel so you can quickly perform a restart.


Restart Your Computer1 Press Windows logo key+I.


Restarting Your Computer WINDOWS 8


2 Click Power.3 Click Restart.


After some actions, you are often offered the option of restarting—for example, to finish making updates to your computer.However, if you don’t need those updates immediately, youdon’t have to restart your computer at that time if it’s notconvenient. When you next turn off and then turn on the computer,the process will be completed

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