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Resetting Windows 8



Resetting Windows 8 to factory settings is a last-ditch effort toget a damaged system back up to speed. You might also wantto reset a computer before selling it to somebody else so thatyour files and apps are unavailable to them. When you resetWindows 8, any files you created or any apps you downloadedwill be gone. All Windows 8 settings will be returned to thedefault settings.



Reset Windows 81 Press Windows logo key+I.2 Click Change PC Settings.3 Click General.4 Scroll down in the right pane.5 Under Remove Everything And ReinstallWindows, click the Get Startedbutton.6 On the next screen, click Next.7 Click either Only The Drive WhereWindows Is Installed or All Drives.


Resetting Windows 8 WINDOWS 8


8 Click Thoroughly or Quickly, dependingon how important it is that allfiles be recoverable.9 Click Reset.



Resetting Windows 8


If you decide at any point during the reset procedure that youdon’t want to do a reset (and lose all your files and settings),just click the Cancel button



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