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Renaming Files Windows 8

WHen you import pictures from a digital camera by using the built-in tools in Windows 8, your camera software, or a photo-editing program, those imported pictures are given names. Every file has to have its own name. The names given aren't very descriptive, though. The file names applied might be a cryptic form of the date on which the photos were imported, or they might be partial names created by using tags you applied during the process, but usually they are not the names you'd apply to them, given the opportunity.

TIP You will learn how to import pictures from a digital camera in Chapter 12.

Other types of files are also often named inappropriately, generally because you're in a hurry to save them. File names such as Dad, Summary, Presentation, Taxes, and so on don't give much information about their contents. If you have to open the file to figure out what it is, the name is not descriptive enough.

TIP The File Explorer ribbon, specifically the Home tab, offers the Rename icon, which becomes available only after you select a file.

In this exercise, you'll rename a file by using the Rename command in File Explorer.

1 SET UP You need the practice files located in the Chapter04 folder as outlined in the "Using the Practice Files" section at the beginning of this book. Specifically, copy the Helicopter.3GP file to the Videos library.

1 Open File Explorer By using any method desired.

2 In the Navigation pane, under Libraries, Click Videos.

3 Click the Take off File once (do not double-click).

Renaming Files Windows 8

4 From the Home Tab, click Rename.

5 Type Helicopter Ride.

Renaming Files Windows 8

6 Press Enter.

CLEAN UP Leave File Explorer open for the next exercise.

SEE ALSO Learn how to download files safely in the "Exploring the SmartScreen Filter" section in Chapter 5, "Using Internet Explorer 10."


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