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Rejecting a call HTC One V

Do one of the following:

■ If the display is locked when you get a call, dragRejecting a call HTC One V to the Lock screen ring. Then drag to the ring the Remind me icon to create a task or the Send message icon to send a text message to the caller.

■ If the display is on when you get a call, tap Decline.

■ Press the POWER button twice to reject a call.

Muting the ringing sound without rejecting the call

Do one of the following:

■ Press the VOLUME DOWN or VOLUME UP button.

■ Press the POWER button.

■ Place HTC One V face down on a level surface.

If HTC One V is already facing down, it will still ring when there are subsequent incoming calls.

Look who's calling

Every time you make a call or your friend gives you a ring, you get to see your friend's latest social network status update right on the call screen. You'll also see a birthday reminder, if your friend's birthday will happen within one week.

Rejecting a call HTC One V

Viewing a task reminder while on a call

Did you promise to babysit for a friend this weekend? If you associate a task to a contact, you'll see a task reminder on the call screen when you're on a call with that friend.

Rejecting a call HTC One V


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