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Reading App Reviews WINDOWS 8



Before you buy any app, it’s a good idea to see what other

people think of it. Even though some apps are free and paid

apps aren’t typically as expensive as desktop software such as

Microsoft Office, you still want to make the best choice you can

for your needs, saving yourself time and money by getting the

right app, right from the start.


Read Reviews

1 Using the methods in the previous

tasks, locate an app you’re interested


2 Click the app to display details.

3 Click Reviews.

4 Use the scroll bar to scroll through

the reviews.


Reading App Reviews WINDOWS 8


5 Click the Sort By field to display sort



When you view the details of an app in the

Windows Store, you can use the app website

link to visit the app producer’s site, where

you might find more useful reviews to read

before you buy.

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