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Rating and Reviewing an App WINDOWS 8



Just as you benefit from others’ reviews of an app before you

invest your time and money in it, other people can benefit from

your reviews. You can post a rating for any app you download

from the Windows Store: a one-star rating is low, and a fivestar

rating is high. You can also submit a review of up to 500

characters to let others know how you liked the app


Rate and Review an App

1 With an app open, press Windows

logo key+I.

2 Click Rate and Review.

3 Click the star rating.

4 Enter a title.

5 Enter your review.


Rating and Reviewing an App WINDOWS 8


6 Click Submit.


Your reviews have to comply with Windows

Store guidelines, or they can be

removed. If you spot a review that’s in

some way offensive or not in compliance

with the rules, you can click the Report

This Review link on the review to report

the item to Microsoft.


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