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Providing Input WINDOWS 8



Just as you can use a pen to put words on paper, you needsome method for inputting data into a computer. Traditionally,computer users have used a mouse and a keyboard to provideinput. For example, you might use a mouse to select and movean object or text or to display a menu of commands and selectone. You use your keyboard to enter text in a memo or spreadsheetor to implement a command, such as deleting selected textwith the Delete key.In Windows 8, one very interesting input method has beenadded: your own fingers. If you have a touchscreen computeror computing device such as a tablet, you can use a finger or astylus to input onscreen gestures and to type on an onscreenkeyboard.This section provides information about the three inputmethods and how to use them to control various interactionswith your computer. Because touchscreen computers are still relativelyrare, the rest of this book assumes the use of the mouseand keyboard methods of input.


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