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Proceedings between Electronic Arts and Zynga end in a draw

    Proceedings between Electronic Arts and Zynga
end in a

    Even last year, Electronic Arts seriously offended by Zynga games because of The Ville, which, according to lawyers and staff units publisher EA Maxis, largely copies the original Facebook-game The Sims Social. And the claims were sufficiently compelling to start legal proceedings. In turn, the company Zynga filed a lawsuit accusing a competitor in the obstacle of hiring new employees. It seemed that it would be a great war, but in the end nothing happened. Companies dropped their lawsuits and removed claims against each other and assured the court that more on this issue is not going to apply, according to Electronista.

    Details of the contract between the two companies were not disclosed in the official decision is described only in general terms, saying that competitors have agreed to no longer have a claim. Recall that in the past, Zynga was able to lure a number of employees of EA, who supposedly had access to sensitive data on social gaming company. This became a stumbling block and the reason that the publisher was threatened by its own employees even litigation if they suddenly decide to go to Zynga. Naturally, the latter took advantage of this, accusing the aggressor in violation of labor laws. Whatever it was, but now there are no differences between the two companies.


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