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Printing a Document WINDOWS 8



With many applications and apps you can print your documents

or webpages. For example, you can print a memo from

WordPad, an email from Mail, or a webpage displayed in a

browser such as Internet Explorer. From desktop style applications

such as WordPad, you use settings in a Print dialog box

to print an open document. Make sure that you have a printer

connected to your computer first!


Apply Settings and Print a


1 With WordPad open, click File.

2 Click Print.

3 Click the printer you want to print to,

if it’s not selected by default.

4 Click to select a range of pages


5 Click and choose a number of copies

to print.


Printing a Document WINDOWS 8


6 Click to collate copies (to print sets of

pages from first to last).

7 Click Print


Apps such as Mail and Internet Explorer offer a Print command or

button; however, the print options are usually more limited than they

are with desktop applications. Whatever program you print from, if

you’ve set up a default printer (see Section 19, “Working with Devices

and Networks,” for more about this), that printer will be used automatically

when you print.


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