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Previewing Music WINDOWS 8



The Music app lets you get a preview of music you might be

interested in. This feature lets you listen to snippets of selections

in an album so that you can decide whether you like it

enough to buy. When you preview an album, a short portion

of a song plays and then the Music app moves on to the next

track, and so on, through the selected album


Preview a Selection

1 When you’ve found a selection you

want to preview, click it.

2 Click Preview


Previewing Music WINDOWS 8


3 To stop the preview, click Pause.

4 Click outside the preview window to

return to the marketplace


Previewing Music WINDOWS 8


There is no volume setting in the Music app

playback tools. To adjust volume, press Windows

logo key+I, click the Volume control in

the Settings panel, and then move the slider

up or down.


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