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Playing Music with Windows Media Player WINDOWS 8



Windows Media Player offers another way to organize and play

music on your computer or from a DVD, as well as offering a

way to play videos and view photos. One big plus with Windows

Media Player is that it provides an easy way to create and

play music from playlists, your own customized lists of music.


Play Music

1 On the Start screen, type Windows

Media Player.

2 In the search results, click Windows

Media Player.

3 To display your music, click Music.

4 To play a selection, double-click it.

5 To go to the next selection, click the

Next button.

6 To go to the previous selection, click

the Previous button.

7 To play songs in a random way, click

the Shuffle button.


Playing Music with Windows Media Player WINDOWS 8


8 To repeat a selection while it’s playing,

click the Turn Repeat On button.

9 To adjust the volume control, click

and drag it.


Playing Music with Windows Media Player WINDOWS 8


While playing music, you can click the Now Playing button in

the lower-right corner to display a window with controls for the

currently playing selection. Click the Switch To Library button

in the upper-right corner to go back to the Media Player main

screen. You might have to move your mouse over the window

to make the Switch To Library and other tool buttons appear.



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