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Playing Music WINDOWS 8



In Windows 8, you have two choices for playing and organizing

your music: the new Music app and the Windows Media Player,

which you might have used in previous versions of Windows.

Both allow you to play music, but beyond that, they have different


The Music app is a great way to look for and buy new music,

as well as sort music into different categories to help you find

selections. The app’s opening screen offers Spotlight (featured

selections you can explore), Collection (music you own), and

Music Marketplace (the place to shop for music). You can use

the Music app to buy music from Zune Marketplace, Microsoft’s

music store, using points you purchase.

The Windows Media Player, on the other hand, makes organizing

music and creating playlists easy, and for some, it offers

the added benefit of providing a familiar interface and familiar


Whichever app you use, you’ll be able to enjoy all your

favorite music and find new selections to fill out your music



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