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Personalizing the Lock Screen Windows 8

You learned a little about the Lock screen in Chapter 1, including that it's more functional than any Lock screen you might have encountered in previous Microsoft operating systems. You learned in Chapter 1 how to choose a new background, and you learned that the Lock screen offers the time and has tiles that represent apps on it. You probably know that you can't click and engage those tiles, but you can get a quick glance at what's been updated since you last used your computer. For example, after you've set up Mail, you'll see the Mail tile there with a number beside it to notify you of how many new email messages are unread. You might also see a Calendar tiles, a People or Messaging tile, and others, depending on how Windows 8 is currently configured.

In this section, you'll learn how to customize the Lock screen. You'll learn how to personalize it with a picture of your own, how to add and remove tiles for apps, and more.

In this exercise, you'll make changes to the Lock screen to personalize it.

SET UP Start your computer and unlock the Lock screen. You need to have access to the Start screen.

1 On the Start screen, type Lock.

2 In the results, click Settings.

3 Click Customize your lock screen and notifications.

The PC settings screen appears.

Personalizing the Lock Screen Windows 8

4 Click one of the plus (+) signs.

5 Click the app you'd like to appear in the selected position.

Personalizing the Lock Screen Windows 8

6 To view detailed information for an app on the Lock screen, click the icon under Choose an app to display detailed status and select the desired app.

TIP If you select an app to appear that is already showing on the Lock screen, its placement on the screen will be altered.

Press Windows key+L to access the Lock screen and review your changes. CLEAN UP Unlock the computer and return to the Start screen.

In this exercise, you'll browse for a picture you've saved to your computer and use it as your Lock screen picture.

SET UP You need to have copied the Sheep. jpg file located in the Chapter02 Practice file folder to your computer's My Pictures folder to complete this exercise. Using any method, access the Start screen. One way is to press the Windows key on the keyboard.

1 Type Lock, click Settings, and click Customize your lock screen and notifications.

2 To the right of Change Your Picture, click Browse.

Personalizing the Lock Screen Windows 8

3 In the Pictures folder, which opens by default, click the image of the sheep. Click Choose Picture.

TROUBLESHOOTING If you don't see this picture and you're sure you've copied it to the Pictures folder, click or tap Go Up. You might not be in the proper folder.

Personalizing the Lock Screen Windows 8

4 Press Windows+L to see your changes.

5 Unlock the computer and log on.

CLEAN UP Return to the PC Settings screen where you configured the Lock screen changes and tap Users to segue nicely into the next section.


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