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Personalizing the Desktop Windows 8

You learned about the desktop in Chapter 1. There you discovered that the desktop still exists in a form very similar to what you're likely already used to if you've spent any time with other Windows-based computers. You can personalize the desktop in the same ways, too. You can apply a new background, personalize sounds, set a screen saver, and more. You can have the background switch to show a slide show of pictures you select. You can also choose a theme, a group of settings that, combined, provide a motif. One theme, Nature, combines backgrounds, screensavers, window colors, and sounds and is available from the Windows 8 Desktop Personalization options. You can just choose a new backВ­ground; there are many beautiful pictures from which you can choose.

Personalizing the Desktop Windows 8

TIP Windows 8 offers desktop gadgets and the Desktop Gadget Gallery. Gadgets were, in their day, a precursor to the apps to which you now have access.

In this section, you won't learn how to personalize every aspect of the desktop; that could fill an entire chapter if not more! You'll learn how to select a new background and apply a theme, and from there you can surmise how to make additional changes.

In this exercise, you'll apply the Nature theme and customize which backgrounds you want to appear.

SET UP Access the Desktop. If you are on the Start screen, use the Windows+D keyВ­board shortcut.

1 Right-click the Desktop. Click Personalize. The Personalization window opens.

Personalizing the Desktop Windows 8

2 Click Earth. The theme is immediately applied, and new colors are associated with windows and the taskbar.

3 Click Desktop Background.

4 Clear a few images.

5 Use Change picture every To select an option.

Personalizing the Desktop Windows 8

6 Click Save Changes.

CLEAN UP If desired, explore Screen Saver and Window Color.

SEE ALSO "Change the Sound Scheme" and "Customize Advanced Settings" later in this chapter.


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