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Organizing Music WINDOWS 8



In Windows Media Player, you can sort

items in your music library and playlists by

various criteria such as Title, Artist, Composer,

or Length. You can also view music

selections by categories such as Artist,

Album, and Genre.



Sort Music

1 With Windows Media Player and the

Music library open, Click Organize.

2 Click Sort By.


Organizing Music WINDOWS 8


3 Click a criterion to sort by.

4 To display music by category, in the

Music library, click the Artist, Album,

or Genre options.


If you have inserted an audio DVD into your

computer and want to copy the files from it

to Windows Media Player, click the album in

the left pane of the player, and click the Burn

tab on the right pane. Click Rip, and all songs

are copied to your music library.


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