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Opening Attachments WINDOWS 8



You can attach documents in various formats to an email, as

well as pictures and even audio and video files. When you

receive an email with an attachment, you might have choices

about opening the attachment online, downloading it, or

saving it with its original or a new name to a preferred location

on your hard drive or an external drive.


Open and Read an Attachment

1 With a message containing an attachment

open, click the attachment to

download it and then right-click the


2 Click Open.


Opening Attachments WINDOWS 8


3 Click and drag to scroll through the


4 Click Save to save the attachment


In step 2 of this procedure, click Open With if

you want to designate a non-default app to

use to open the attachment. Click Save if you

want to save the attached document to a

folder on your hard drive or external storage




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