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Opening and Navigating the Maps App WINDOWS 8



Imagine that you’re headed out on a road trip with a paper

map in hand. First you find your starting point, and then by

unfolding and flipping the map around (trying not to whack

the driver in the face), you figure out your route, if you’re lucky.

Today, electronic maps make life much easier. When you open

the Maps app, you can zoom in and out to get more or less

detail with a click, quickly find your current location, and then

move the map around to find nearby locations with a simple

click and drag action.


Open and Move Around Maps

1 Click the Maps tile.

2 Click to zoom in.

3 Click to zoom out.


Opening and Navigating the Maps App WINDOWS 8


4 To view adjacent areas, click and drag

the map.

5 Right-click to display the toolbar.

6 To view the map of your current location,

click My Location


If you want to locate someplace near the currently displayed

location but it’s not visible at the moment, first zoom out, find

the location, drag the map to center the location on the screen,

and then zoom in again.



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