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On the road with HTC Car HTC One V

Now when you drive, you can easily use HTC One V to reach your destination, keep you entertained, and help you stay in touch with the people that matter to you. Get easy access to music, maps, navigation, and phone calls with HTC Car.

1. HTC Car instantly launches when you mount HTC One V in HTC Car Kit.

2. On the HTC Car main panel you can:

■ Swipe left or right to go to the other panels such as Music or People.

■ From the main panel, tap a shortcut to do something right away. For example, tapping the Music shortcut immediately plays the last song you were listening to.

When using HTC Car, return to the main panel from any screen by tappingOn the road with HTC Car HTC One V

HTC Car makes it easy to switch back to your regular phone mode. Simply remove your HTC One V from HTC Car Kit and HTC Car will automatically exit.

You can also manually close HTC Car by pressingOn the road with HTC Car HTC One V


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