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New Drive, Which OS?

The Verdict on Lightroom Accused of Tablet Bias New SSD Which OS? Thanks for your feature on Windows 8's upcoming re - lease (November 2012). While I wouldn't plan on upgrading, the question I'm left with is whether, upon buying an SSD to replace my aging physical drive, should I install Windows 8 or put back Windows 7? I'm sure there's a lot which is subjective in the answer, but I'm just looking for the Maximum PC consensus. EDITOR JOSH NOREM RE - SPONDS: That's a tough call, Dudie, but if it were our home machine we'd stick with Windows 7. The reason is that Win7 is a known quantity, runs well, and there's no learning curve. By contrast, Windows 8 isn't a slam-dunk, must-upgrade-at-launch product, for two reasons: The first is that it's a new OS from Microsoft need we say more? Let's just say the com - pany doesn't have a stellar track record when it comes to OS launches (we are still seeing a therapist for what we went through with the Win - dows Vista launch). Second, we're not big fans of the Metro interface on the desktop and we do miss the Start button. That said, we've been using Windows 8 at the office for months now and it has grown on us, but not enough to war - rant an immediate upgrade. So to summarize, stick with Windows 7 for now but we think you'll eventually want Windows 8, so we recom - mend taking advantage of the $40 upgrade price that's good until January 31, 2013. Just buy it and stick it on your shelf until SP1 comes out, then install it. Your Lightroom Yardstick Is Too Long I think the "yardstick" Gavin Farrington used to measure Lightroom 4.0 (November 2012) needs to be changed. Lightroom 4 isn't CS6 and isn't meant to be. On Adobe's website, the price forthe full version of Lightroom 4 is $550 cheaper than the price for the most basic version of CS6. The two programs are meant to complement each other and not replace each other. To say that Lightroom has failed if you need to open up Photo - shop to finish a job is missing the point. That's like reviewing an antivirus program and then saying it has failed because you still need a separate firewall, or reviewing an OS and saying it has failed because it requires Internet or phone activation. Times change and measurements need to change, aswell. Is it important to mention that there are things Photoshop can do that Lightroom can't? Definitely. But Lightroom is now in its fourth iteration and fills a niche in which it is the undisputed market leader. Time to move that yardstick, Mr. Farrington! Howard "Goose" Akuma DEPUTY EDITOR GORDON MAH UNG RESPONDS: Blame me, not Gavin, as I'm the one who incepted that idea into his head. Gavin is a professional, award-winning wedding photographer and knows the limits of Photoshop. I'm also a big fan of Lightroom and the joy I get from it is directly related to the time I never have to launch Photoshop. Adobe knows this, too, and that's why it continues to add additional features to Light - room. Our primary complaint against Lightroom 4.0 is its confusing performance quirks. I know what speeds up Photoshop: disk I/O, more RAM, and higher clock speeds. After years of using Lightroom, I still can't figure out what floats its perfor - mance boat. Inconsistencies with Ultra Burner Looking at your Ultra PC on page 96 of the December issue, I see you list the Blu - ray burner as being a Lite - On model, but the picture clearly shows a Plextor drive. What gives? Robert Wagner EDITOR-IN-CHIEF KATHERINE STEVENSON RESPONDS: You're correct, Robert. While we had previously recommended a Plextor drive for that build, our final verification of the parts list revealed that the Plextor drive was no longer available, thus we changed our recommendation to the Lite-On drive. Unfortunately, we were unable to take a new picture before the issue had to be sent to the printer.


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