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Navigating the Music App WINDOWS 8



The Music app is probably completely new to you; it has a different

look and feel from other music players you’ve used. It’s

more than a player—it’s a music store as well. In this task, you

begin to find your way around the Music app by using the Windows

8 interface


Navigate the Music App

1 On the Start screen, click the Music


2 To move from My Music to other suggested

selections of music you can

shop for, click and drag the scroll bar

to the right.


Navigating the Music App WINDOWS 8


3 Click a selection in My Music, and it

opens and begins playing.

4 To display tools, right-click the screen.

5 To stop the current selection from

playing, click the Pause button.


Navigating the Music App WINDOWS 8


6 To return to the Start screen, press

the Windows logo key


You can also get to the music app by searching for music. On

the Start screen, begin typing the name of a song, artist, or

album. In the Search screen that appears, finish entering your

search term and click the Music category. The Music app opens

and displays information about the music, artist, or album. You

can now preview or buy the selection. (See the next task.)


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