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Navigating File Explorer WINDOWS 8



File Explorer offers several ways to move among the libraries

and folders on a drive. You can move up to a higher level—for

example, from a subfolder to a folder or from a folder to a

library of folders—or move back or forward to a previously

viewed item. You can also display a list of recently viewed



Navigate Among Libraries

1 On the Windows desktop, click the

File Explorer icon.

2 Click the Pictures library.

3 Click a folder.

4 Click the Up arrow to the left of the

address bar to go up one level in the

file/folder hierarchy.

5 Click the Back arrow to display the

Pictures folder contents again.

6 Click the drop-down arrow to the

right of the Forward button to display

a list of items you’ve recently viewed

in File Explorer.


Navigating File Explorer WINDOWS 8


With a folder open in File Explorer, you can click Properties

on the Home tab and then click Properties on the drop-down

menu. The window that appears will give you information

about the folder, such as how many files and subfolders it contains,

the date it was created, and whether the folder is shared

with others.


Navigating File Explorer WINDOWS 8


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