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Navigating Among Websites WINDOWS 8



When you are browsing the Internet, you will want to move

from one website or webpage to another. You can do this in

several ways: you can enter a URL in the address bar as covered

in the previous task; move backward or forward to a previously

visited site; or click a hyperlink (text or an image that is

programmed to send you to another location on the Internet

when you click it).


Move Among Websites

1 Open Internet Explorer 10 from the Start

screen, and move your mouse to the

left side of the screen and click the Back

button to go to the previously viewed site.

2 Move your mouse to the right side of the

screen, and click the Forward button to go

to the website on which you started.

Follow Links

1 With a webpage displayed (use http://

windows.microsoft.com, for example), click

a graphic or text link to follow a link.

2 Click a link on the subsequent page to

follow it.

3 To return to the page from which you followed

the link, move your mouse cursor to

the left side of the screen.

4 Click the Back button.


Navigating Among Websites WINDOWS 8


Text links are colored, often (but not always) in

blue to help you spot them. After you follow a link,

if you return to the page it was displayed on, the

link will usually appear in purple rather than blue,

indicating that it’s been clicked at least once.


On some sites, if you right-click or select text and right-click, a message will

display, warning you that the site is copyrighted, or you might see tools such

as the copy command displayed.


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