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Music HTC One V

Browsing music in the library

You need to copy music files to HTC One V first to use the Music app to play music.

1. From the Home screen, tapMusic HTC One V> Music > My phone,

2. TapMusic HTC One VTo browse a category, such as Artists or Albums

Listening to music

Enjoy your favorite songs on HTC One V using the Music app.

1. While browsing your music collection, tap a song to play it.

2. Tap the onscreen icons to control music playback, repeat songs, and more.

Music HTC One VMusic HTC One V

Finding music videos on YouTube

It's easy to find music videos of the song you're listening to on YouTube. On the Now playing screen, tapMusic HTC One V> Search > YouTube,

Updating album covers

1. On the Now playing screen, tapMusic HTC One V> Update album art,

2. Choose whether to automatically or manually update all album covers or update just the current song on the Now playing screen.

Playing music from the Lock screen

When you're listening to music and the screen turns off, press POWER to turn the screen back on and control the music playback directly on the Lock screen.

Music HTC One V

You can also pause music playback right from the Notifications panel. Making your music sound better

When you plug in your headset, you can choose to enjoy your music with a variety of enhanced sound profiles.

1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tapMusic HTC One V

2. Tap Sound > Sound enhancer.

3. Choose a sound profile. The sound profile will be immediately applied.


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