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Moving Tiles on the start screen Windows 8



You'll use some tiles more than others, so you might want to reposition the tiles on the Start screen to make your most-used tiles easily accessible. For instance, if you use the Music app often, you might put that app in the first position on the Start screen.

In this exercise, you'll move a tile from its current position on the Start screen to the first position. Repeat with other tiles as desired to personalize your Start screen.

SET Up Start your computer and unlock the Lock screen. You need access to the Start screen.

TIP When an instruction requires you to click something with a mouse, note that you can generally touch the item (if applicable) to achieve the same result.

1 From the Start screen, click (or touch) and hold Music.

2 Drag the Music tile to the first position in the far-left side of the screen and drop it there.


Moving Tiles on the start screen Windows 8

CLean Up The app is repositioned.

TIP If you move too many tiles now, what you see on your Start screen will be different from what you see in this chapter.

Customizing the start screen with Live tiles

You know you can move tiles on the Start screen to another area of the screen to make those tiles more accessible. You can also personalize a few select tiles independently so that the information available from them suits your personal needs. For example, you can tell the Weather app where you live (or give it permission to determine your location), and the app will supply current weather information from the Start screen (provided it can get that information from the Internet). If you want to know more about the weather, you just click the app to open it. These interactive and cus­tomizable tiles are live tiles, which means that they are often updated with new information.


Moving Tiles on the start screen Windows 8


Customizing any interactive tile generally only requires you to open the app, access the customizable tools and features (called charms) that enable you to change the settings, and input the desired information or make the desired choices.

In this exercise, you'll personalize the interactive Weather app located on the Start screen.


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