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Moving and Copying Files WINDOWS 8



The way you organize files on your computer is seldom static.

For example, files for this year’s receipts get moved into an Old

Receipts file; or you decide it would be handy to have a copy

of your home inventory in both your insurance and budget

folders; and so on. To deal with these changes, you need to

know how to move a file from one folder to another and how

to place a copy of a file in another folder. These procedures are

easy to perform by using a Drag and Drop method.


Move a File to Another Folder

1 Open File Explorer.

2 Locate the file you want to move

by using one of the methods in the

“Finding Files and Folders with File

Explorer” section, described earlier in

this chapter.


Moving and Copying Files WINDOWS 8


3 Drag the file to another folder in the

left pane of File Explorer.

4 Release your mouse button, and the

file has been moved.


If you want to move a file to a folder that isn’t visible in the left pane—for

example, to a folder on an external drive or network—after selecting the file,

on the Home tab, click the Move To button, and then click Choose Location

on the menu that appears. In the Move Items dialog box that is displayed,

locate a drive and folder destination and then click the Move button.


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