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Modifying Tiles on the Start Screen WINDOWS 8



You might have noticed that tiles on the Start screen comein different sizes. Some are larger, such as Weather; othersare smaller. Certain tiles can be made smaller or larger. Theseinclude the Desktop, Xbox LIVE Games, Weather, Music, Photo,and Messaging tiles. Being able to adjust the size of some tileshelps you fit the items you want to access on the Start screen inan organized way.


Modifying Tiles on the Start Screen WINDOWS 8


Change Tile Size1 Right-click a tile. (Not all tiles willoffer this option, so test this with theCalendar or Weather app.)2 Click Smaller. (If the tile is alreadysmaller, click Larger.)


If you like to keep a lot of tiles on the Startscreen, consider reducing the size of thosethat offer that option so that you don’t haveto scroll as much to find what you need.


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