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Modifying the Account Picture WINDOWS 8



When you leave the Lock screen, you are presented with apicture and password field for any logged in user or, if nobodyis currently logged in, for all users. If you assign a picture to auser account, that image will be displayed instead of a simplesilhouette. Adding a picture for each account is a nice way topersonalize Windows and quickly find your own account in agroup of users.


Select an Account Picture1 From the PC Settings screen(see steps in previous task), clickPersonalize.


Modifying the Account Picture WINDOWS 8


2 Click Account Picture.3 Click Browse.4 Click Go Up if you want to find a picturein another folder.5 Click an image.6 Click Choose Image.


Click Choose Image WINDOWS 8


You can create a picture password that’s required to log in to Windows 8.This feature requires a touchscreen computer; you assign a picture andthen specify the touchscreen gestures you use with the picture to log in.See “Creating a Password Picture” on page 74 for more about setting upthis feature.


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