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Managing User Account Control WINDOWS 8



You can use the User Account Control Settings dialog box to

set up, by user, how Windows notifies you before programs

are installed on your computer or when there are attempts

to make changes to your Windows settings. You can choose

a level of protection that works best for each user. If only one

user on the computer has administrative level permissions, it

can be useful to set up the Always Notify level of account control

for that person so that she knows when other users try to

make changes.


Change User Account Control



Managing User Account Control WINDOWS 8


1 From the desktop, open the Control


2 Click System And Security.

3 Click Action Center.

4 Click Change User Account Control


5 Drag the slider to the setting you

prefer, with Always Notify being the

most secure and Never Notify being

the least secure.

6 Click OK.


Managing User Account Control WINDOWS 8


7 Click the Close button




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