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Making Windows Look and Sound the Way You Want Windows 8


Personalize your Start screen. Personalize your Lock screen. Personalize the desktop and taskbar. Change the sound scheme. Access and explore advanced settings. Create your own power plan.

Now that you have Windows 8 set up and know your way around the Lock screen, Start screen, and desktop, it's time to personalize the computer further so that it suits your exact wants and needs. In this chapter, you'll learn how to configure the Start screen to hold only tiles you use regularly and how to personalize the Lock screen with the desired live informaВ­tion. You'll also learn to personalize the desktop and associated elements, change some of the advanced settings for resolution and sound, and even switch to a new power plan. After you've worked through this chapter, your computer will be distinctively yours.

PRACTICE FILES Before you can complete the exercises in this chapter, you need to copy the book's practice files to your computer. The practice files you'll use to complete the exercises in this chapter are in the Chapter02 practice files folder. A complete list of practice files is provided in the "Using the Practice Files" section at the beginning of this book.


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