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THE ENTHUSIAST PC market seems to be experiencing a bit of bipolar disorder these days. It's either represented by massively huge systems so big they blot out the sun, or teeny, tiny boxes that you could slip under your arm and then skate - board to a LAN party. The V3 Traverse falls into the latter category. Built in BitFenix's cool little Prodigy case, the Traverse is a kissing cousin to the "Small but Mighty Gaming Rig" from our October 2012 issue (Build It]. Well, except that the Traverse is a full - on freedom-kiss in the graphics depart - ment. We've seen snaps of the BitFenix Prodigy with a dual-GPU card in it, but we were skeptical until now. The V3 Traverse sports none other than the fastest card in town: a GeForce GTX 690. Cracking open the Traverse, we were literally shocked to see the entire box running on a Cor - sair CX600 PSU. Why the amazement? We're just so used to dual cards sucking up power by the megawatts that a "mere" 600 watt PSU seemed surprising. With the GeForce GTX 690 rated to consume 300 watts of juice, that doesn't leave much for the rest of the system. V3 gets away with the smaller PSU because the Mini-ITX board and case don't allow you to build out to, say, five hard drives and a crapload of other accessories. Still, it's probably a bit (ess headroom than Machines continues


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