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Locating Files, Apps, and Settings WINDOWS 8



To help you focus your search so that you can find just what

you’re looking for, Integrated Search provides more tools than

a traditional search feature. That’s because the search feature

reaches beyond Windows 8 and searches the Internet, too,

assuming you have an Internet connection. This feature lets you

search for items such as emails, contacts, photos, videos, games,

items in the Windows Store, files, installed apps, music, maps,

and even administrative tools and settings for Windows 8.


Search for Items

1 With Integrated Search open (see

one of the previous two tasks),

enter or complete your search



Locating Files, Apps, and Settings WINDOWS 8


2 Click any category beneath the

search box, such as Files, Maps, or

Store, to narrow your search.

3 When the results appear, you can

click another category to get different


4 To open any of the results, just

click an item.


If your results are too detailed, click the Pan and

Zoom tool in the lower-right corner of the screen to

go to an alphabetical overview. Click one of the letters

to go to results that begin with that letter.




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