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Listening to Music WINDOWS 8



The whole point of finding and buying

music is to listen to it. The pleasing interface

and simple playback tools in the Music

app make listening to your music a very

pleasant experience.


Play Music

1 With the Music app open, click an

item in My Music.

2 To display playback controls, rightclick

the screen.


Listening to MusicWINDOWS 8


3 To go to the next track, click Next.

4 To go to the previous track, click


5 To repeat a track before it ends, click


6 To move among tracks in a random

way, click Shuffle.

7 To pause the music, click Pause.


Note that if you used Windows Media Center 6 5 4 7 3

in the past to play content in Windows 8, this

feature has become a desktop app that you

need to download to use.


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