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Let's Get Started Windows 8

Welcome to Windows 8 Step by Step. After reading this book, the authors hope you will agree that this book is the best guide for learning how to use Windows 8.

Ho This Book Is For

This book is for people new to Windows 8 and Windows 8 apps as well as for those upgrad­ing from previous versions of Windows to Windows 8.

It's assumed that this book's readers are familiar with earlier Windows operating systems. Although the readers are new to Windows 8, they are not new computer users. They are familiar with the basics of using a computer, using a mouse and keyboard, opening, view­ing, and saving files, switching between windows, finding content, and so forth.

What This Book Is About

This book is about Windows 8. It covers all the important things you need to learn about this operating system so that you can be productive when using it.

It starts with setting up Windows 8 for the first time and exploring the new Start screen. Each chapter covers more advanced information and considerations such as how to purchase Windows 8 apps, use the new Windows 8 apps, browse the web with Internet Explorer 10, connect to a network, share files and folders, and prevent problems with your Windows 8 computer or device. This list is by no means complete; many other topics are also covered.

The book ends with a list of 20 useful tips and tricks that will improve the experience of Windows 8 and a few appendixes useful to people who like to do things by themselves such as installing or upgrading to Windows 8.


We would both like to thank Kenyon Brown and the team at Microsoft Press for making this book possible. It was a lengthy project with lots of work, but the result was worth it. We are proud of this book, and we hope all our readers will enjoy it and find it useful.

Ciprian would like to thank his teammate at 7 Tutorials Marte Brengle for patiently double-checking all his writing and pointing out mistakes he would not have noticed otherwise.

Joli would like to thank her agent, Neil Salkind, for all his hard work over the years, along with her family, Jennifer, Andrew, Allison, Dad, and Cosmo.

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