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Four games that play great from the couch We'll be the first to admit that we're not the most avid living room gamers, but that shouldn't come as a surprise to you. We're typically found at our desks playing Borderlands 2. BF3, or DayZ, so playing with an Xbox controller is sort of akin to a dog walking in sandals. We did. however, find some games that are awesome with a controller. and we highly recommend you check them out. PORTAL2 We loved Portal 2 on the PC, and though the placing of portals and dropping of the companion cube took a bit of practice with the con - troller, we eventually figured it out and had a blast playing this game from our couch. Since you rarely have to use twitch movements to accurately aim yourself when being flung through the testing facility, a controller works just fine. DIRT3 We've always been a fan of racing games on the PC, and as much as it pains us to say it, they are even better with a gamepad. We were able to sit back and comfortably shred the snow-capped courses of Dirt 3 while drifting to our heart's content. PSYCHONAUTS Psychonauts is an oldie but a very, very goodie and it plays extremely well on a huge TV and with a gamepad. The Xbox controller is espe - cially useful for all the jumping puzzles the game throws at you. even the horrific ones contained in the Meat Circus. MOTOGP08 MotoGP 08 was designed for gamepad use and it's bloody awesome. Controlling the bikes is almost as easy as actually riding a MotoGP bike in real life or so we imagine. The main advantage is being able to hold a lean angle through the corners, with a smidge of pressure on the controller stick, which is much easier to pull off with a control - ler than trying to half-press a keyboard key. LET OFF SOME STEAM
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