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    Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey as expected quickly gained the requested amount of $ 850 million and has over $ 1 million before the end of the fund raising for another 15 days and the project predict more than $ 2 million of funding. Here, truly, make money on Kickstarter to those who could not handle on their own.

    Ascension Online, a popular card game for iOS, too, came out on Kickstarter in order to raise funds for porting project on Android and PC. Fifteen short campaign is not over yet, but the game was almost won $ 125 thousand and seems significantly exceed them.

    Mage's Initiation, an attempt to combine classical adventyuru Golden Age and role-playing game, also came out on Kickstarter and, apparently, will gather its quite modest $ 65K demo that saw colleagues restrained praise the game.


    February 27 will be a measure of the series Assassin's Creed, this conclusion can be drawn from a tweet from a journalist MCV, an invitation from Ubisoft. Announcement of Assassin's Creed IV? Film based on the AC? Come soon.


    EA and Ubisoft will sell each other's games on the Origin and Uplay services respectively.

    Appears only together they will be able to resist the hegemony of Steam. Except games EA, there was a project on Uplay Warner, Telltale Games, Paradox Interactive, 1C, bitComposer, Bohemia Interactive, Encore Software, Focus Home Interactive, Freebird Games, Iceberg Interactive, Nordic Games, Recoil Games, Robot Entertainment, Torn Banner Studios and other. Interestingly, if you buy a project Ubisoft, say, a new Assassin's Creed, by Origin, before you start the game you will still have to log into Uplay.


    BundleStars. com offers a set of just three games at a discount of 95% - to $ 07.05 in bulk. In a set of 8 to 10 games, as indie and major projects, including the CIS, such as "Death to Spies», Cargo!, «XIII century», Deathtrack and so on. All games from Steam-keys, so if you missed - look.

    Indie Royale for € 3,4 offers five decent games - Hard Reset, Jolly Rover, Vertex Dispenser, DLC Quest, Lair of the Evildoer, plus traditional soundtracks.

    But in the Humble Indie Bundle is something strange going on. The site broadcast image with web-cameras in the offices of developers and collect money for projects has not released even without the name and genre affiliation. Wonders.

    That's all the news this week, we hope, in the next they will be a little more

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