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Inserting Objects WINDOWS 8



In many applications, you can insert a copy of an object, such

as a graphic element like a photo or clip art (a collection of

illustrations, photos, and animations that come with some

applications such as Microsoft Word) into a document without

having to use the copy and paste method.


Insert a Picture

1 With WordPad open, click the Home


2 Click Picture.


Inserting Objects WINDOWS 8


3 Double-click a folder to open it and

display images. (The Pictures folder

opens by default, and any pictures

you’ve saved or downloaded are

likely to be in that folder.)

4 Click a picture.

5 Click Open.


You can use tools in applications to insert

other kinds of objects in documents. Objects

that you can insert include charts and

graphs, drawings created in drawing programs,

and even mathematical equations.

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