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HTC Sync Manager basics HTC One V

Download and install HTC Sync Manager, when available, from our website. Or in the meantime, download and use the latest version of HTC Sync to sync your media and data.

Installing HTC Sync Manager HTC One V

Before you install, please visit our HTC website to check the system requirements for HTC Sync Manager.

Installing on a Windows computer

■ For trouble-free installation, first quit all running programs and temporarily exit from your anti-virus program before you start installing HTC Sync Manager.

■ You need to have administrator rights if you're installing HTC Sync Manager on Windows VistaВ® or later versions.

1. Connect HTC One V to your computer using the supplied USB cable.

2. On the Choose a connection type screen of HTC One V, select HTC Sync Manager, and then tap Done.

3. When you see the AutoPlay window appear on your computer screen, click HTC Sync Manager.

If there's no HTC Sync Manager found on your computer, your web browser will automatically open and take you to our HTC website.

4. Download the HTC Sync Manager installer to your computer.

5. Double-click the installer you've downloaded and follow the onscreen instructions to install HTC Sync Manager.


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