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How to use photo stream iPhone 5



When Photo Stream is turned on, photos you take on iPhone (as well as any other photos added to your Camera Roll) appear in your photo stream after you leave the Camera app and iPhone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. These photos appear in the My Photo Stream album on iPhone and on your other devices set up with Photo Stream.Turn on Photo Stream:   Go to Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream.Photos added to your photo stream from your other iCloud devices also appear in My Photo Stream. iPhone and other iOS devices can keep up to 1000 of your most recent photos in My Photo Stream. Your computers can keep all your Photo Stream photos permanently.Note:  Photo Stream photos don’t count against your iCloud storage.Manage photo stream contents:   In a photo stream album, tap Edit. Save photos to iPhone:   Select the photos, then tap Save. Share, print, copy, or save photos to your Camera Roll album:   Select the photos, then tap Share. Delete photos: Select the photos, then tap Delete.


Note:  Although deleted photos are removed from photo streams on your devices, the original photos remain in the Camera Roll album on the device they originated from. Photos saved to a device or computer from a photo stream are also not deleted. To delete photos from Photo Stream, you need iOS 5.1 or later on iPhone and your other iOS devices.




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