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How to use autocorrect and spell checking iPhone 5



For many languages, iPhone uses the active dictionary to correct misspellings ormake suggestions as you type. When iPhone suggests a word, you can accept thesuggestion without interrupting your typing. For a list of supported languages, seewww.apple.com/iphone/specs.php.


Suggested word



Accept the suggestion: Type a space, punctuation mark, or return character.Reject a suggestion: Tap the “x” next to the suggestion.


Each time you reject a suggestion for the same word, iPhone becomes more likely to accept the word.iPhone may also underline words you’ve already typed that might be misspelled.


iPhone may also underline


Replace a misspelled word: Tap the underlined word, then tap the correct spelling. If the word you want doesn’t appear, just retype it.Turn auto-correction or spell checking on or off: Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.



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