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How to tell siri about yourself iPhone 5



The more Siri knows about you, the more it can use your information to help you. Siri gets your information from your personal info card (“My Info”) in Contacts.Tell Siri who you are: Go to Settings > General > Siri > My Info, then tap your name.Put your home and work addresses on your card, so you can say things like “How do I get home?” and “Remind me to call Bob when I get to work.”Siri also wants to know about the important people in your life, so put those relationships on your personal info card—Siri can help you. For example, the first time you tell Siri to call your sister, Siri asks you who your sister is (if you don’t already have that info on your card). Siri adds that relationship to your personal info card so it doesn’t have to ask next time.Create cards in Contacts for all your important relationships, and include information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home and work addresses, and nicknames you like to use.Onscreen guideSiri prompts you with examples of things you can say, right on screen. Ask Siri “what can you do” or tap


Telling Siri about yourself


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