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How to sharing photos, videos, and other info iPhone 5



With iMessage or MMS, you can send and receive photos and videos, and send locations, contact info, and voice memos. The size limit of attachments is determined by your service provider—iPhone may compress photo and video attachments when needed.Send a photo or video:   Tap Send a location:   In Maps, tap Send contact info:   In Contacts, choose a contact, tap Share Contact, then tap Message.Send a voice memo:   In Voice Memos, tap Save a photo or video you receive to your Camera Roll album:   Tap the photo or video,then tap Copy a photo or video:   Touch and hold the attachment, then tap Copy.Add someone to your contacts from the Messages list:   Tap the phone number or email address, tap the status bar to scroll to the top, then tap “Add Contact.”Save contact info you receive:   Tap the contact bubble, then tap Create New Contact or“Add to Existing Contact.”


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