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How to set up weather iPhone 5


Get the current temperature and six-day forecast for one or more cities around the world, with hourly forecasts for the next 12 hours. Weather also uses Location Services to get the forecast for your current location.


Weather iPhone 5

If the weather board is light blue, it’s daytime in that city. Dark purple indicates nighttime.


Manage your list of cities:   Tap 


Add a city: Tap + Enter a city or zip code, then tap Search.


Rearrange the order of cities: Drag 


Delete a city: Tap 


Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius: Tap °F or °C.


See weather for another city: Swipe left or right.


The leftmost screen shows your local weather.



View the current hourly forecast:


iPhone  5: Swipe the hourly display left or right.


iPhone  4S or earlier: Tap Hourly.


Turn local weather on or off:   Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.


See information about a city at yahoo.com: Tap 


Use iCloud to push your list of cities to your other iOS devices: Go to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data, then turn on Documents & Data (it’s on by default).



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