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How to set up Podcasts iPhone 5


Download the free Podcasts app from the App Store, then browse, subscribe to, and play your 

favorite audio and video podcasts.


Podcasts iPhone 5


Get podcasts:

  • Browse the full catalog:  Tap Catalog, then tap any podcast that interests you.

  • Browse the most popular podcasts:  Tap Top Stations (if you don’t see it, tap Library irst). Swipe 

left or right to change the category, or swipe up or down to browse the current category. Tap 

a podcast to preview the latest episode, or tap 


Stream an episode:  Tap any episode.

Download an episode so you can listen to it when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi:  Tap 

any episode.

  • Subscribe to a podcast to always get the latest episode:  If you’re browsing the catalog, tap a 

podcast to see the list of episodes, then tap Subscribe. If you’ve already downloaded an 

episode, tap the podcast in your library, then tap it again at the top of the list of episodes, and 

turn on Subscription.

  • Automatically get the latest episode of a subscribed podcast:  Tap the podcast in your library, tap 

it again at the top of the episode list, then turn on Auto-Download.


Control audio playback:  Swipe up on the artwork of the currently playing podcast to see all of 

the playback controls


Control video playback iPhone 5



Control video playback:  Tap the screen while you’re watching a video podcast.


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