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How to set up photo streams iPhone 5



Shared photo streams let you share selected photos with just the people you choose. iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion users can subscribe to your shared photo streams, view the latest photos you’ve added, “like” individual photos, and leave comments—right from their devices. You can also create a public website for a shared photo stream, to share your photos with others over the web.Note:  Shared photo streams work over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Cellular data charges may apply.Turn on Shared Photo Streams:   Go to Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream.

Create a shared photo stream:   Tap Photo Stream, then tap  +. To invite other iOS 6 orOS X Mountain Lion users to subscribe to your shared photo stream, enter their email addresses. To post the photo stream on icloud.com, turn on Public Website. Name the album, then tap Create.

Add photos to a shared photo stream:   Select a photo, tap Delete photos from a shared photo stream:   Tap the shared photo stream, tap Edit, select the photos, then tap Delete.Edit a shared photo stream:   Tap Photo Stream, then tap  Rename the photo stream Add or remove subscribers, and resend an invitation Create a public website, and share the link Delete the photo streamSharing photos and videos

You can share photos in email, text messages (MMS or iMessage), photo streams, Twitter posts, and Facebook. Videos can be shared in email and text messages (MMS or iMessage), and on YouTube.

Share or copy a photo or video:   Choose a photo or video, then tapThe size limit of attachments is determined by your service provider. iPhone may compress photo and video attachments, if necessary.You can also copy photos and videos, and then paste them into an email or text message (MMS or iMessage).Share or copy multiple photos and videos:   While viewing thumbnails, tap Edit, select the photos or videos, then tap Share.


Save a photo or video from:  Email: Tap to download it if necessary, tap the photo or touch and hold the video, then tap Save. Text message: Tap the item in the conversation, tap Webpage (photo only): Touch and hold the photo, then tap Save Image.Photos and videos that you receive, or that you save from a webpage, are saved to yourCamera Roll album.Printing photosPrint to AirPrint-enabled printers:  Print a single photo: Tap Print multiple photos: While viewing a photo album, tap Edit, select the photos, tap Share,then tap Print.


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