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How to set up Nike + iPod iPhone 5


With a Nike + iPod Sensor (sold separately), the Nike + iPod app provides audible feedback on 

your speed, distance, time elapsed, and calories burned during a run or walk.


Nike + iPod iPhone 5


The Nike + iPod app doesn’t appear on the Home screen until you turn it on.

Turn on Nike + iPod:   Go to Settings > Nike + iPod.

Nike + iPod collects workout data from a wireless sensor (sold separately) that you attach to your 

shoe. Before you use it the irst time, you need to link your sensor to iPhone.

Link your sensor to iPhone:  Attach the sensor to your shoe, then go to Settings > Nike + iPod > 


Start a workout:  Tap Workouts, and choose a workout.


Pause a workout:  Wake iPhone and tap 


End a workout:  Wake iPhone, tap 



Change workout settings:   Go to Settings > Nike + iPod.

Calibrate Nike + iPod:   Record a workout over a known distance of at least a quarter mile  

(400 meters). Then, after you tap End Workout, tap Calibrate on the workout summary screen and 

enter the actual distance you covered.


Reset to the default calibration:   Go to Settings > Nike + iPod.

Send workout data to nikeplus.com:   With iPhone connected to the Internet, open Nike + iPod, 

tap History, then tap “Send to Nike+.”

See your workouts on nikeplus.com:  In Safari, go to nikeplus.com, log in to your account, and 

follow the onscreen instructions.





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